i rele like mi bustin board but i dont kno anything about the apex from the original company so i … 174. jazzjulien. This isn’t technically a double drop. I’ve spent a lot of time in longboarding subreddits. But a high rating doesn’t necessarily guarantee a fast or smooth ride. The Landyachtz Switchblade is, like the Switch, a drop pusher. The Evo will provide a super stiff ride, but it’ll handle whatever you throw at it. The Pantheon Trip is a great board, but it’s really only recommended for riders up to 230lbs. ... Bustin Maestro-5 Bamboo Hybrid 38'' - Complete Now, I’m going to be upfront with you: all of Pantheon’s boards are amazing for beginners. This is a large board, but you won’t feel like you’re floating over the deck, you’ll have lots of room to find a sweet spot. Posted by 2 years ago. It was incredibly wholesome. I have too many but I’m definitely buying more. We got the Maestro Mini and the Yoface. You could also check out the new Loaded Coyote. Great for beginners because of the sturdy shape but enjoyed by seasoned riders as well thanks to the smooth, comfortable and super fun ride that is offers. You’re going to want something that’s already quite stiff. You are not going to find many decks more manoeuvrable than the Maestro Mini, tougher than the Sportster or more versatile than the all-new Ratmobile. Оценено на 0 от 5. The Bustin Sportster Thermoglass Capital is great for anyone trying to get into downhill that wants something with a little extra flex to it so it's not so unforgiving when pushing, which a lot of downhill decks can do. Compare bikes in India online at CarAndBike.com. Just make sure you select the right flex level. It has wheel wells and a kick tail. Gear. Longboard news and reviews, to build your own quiver! Bustin Boards BUSTIN SPORTSTER 35 DECK-10x35.5 BILLY MODE. They started out making custom boards in a garage and have evolved into a brand known for using high quality materials and having some of the best shaped boards in the industry. When you see “Pro” in the name, that model will typically be using more premium materials and might even have slight variations in the shape so be sure to check the specs of each model so you can find exactly what you are looking for. BUSTIN SPORTSTER AUSTIN BLU SKATEBOARD COMPLETE-9.75x36 30wb Have a question? With a unique shape and extra low 1.2″ drop, the Nomad stands out in the line and is a shop employee favorite. I’d say if you’re 170lbs or lower, go with their “Flex 2.”. Bustin Boards is a Skate Everything skateboard company specializing in one-of-a-kind boards. I also recommend risers. The one board that was built to do it all is still the Bustin Maestro. You can drop another 20 bucks off the price of the Pantheon Trip by going with Zealous bearings. Flip it, without removing the truck or the bushing, and put it back together. ... Bustin Sportster 33'' 2015 - Klājs With a nice wide body shape, your feet feel fully supported while the medium concave helps to lock you into place for more power behind your turns and slides. They have extended races, so you won’t need spacers between them (there are two bearings per wheel). The Sportster Hybrid V2 comes in distinct two packages with the same X+ power: Sportster-X // Up to 18-20 mile battery range and top speed of up to 30mph. Lielisks universāls push/cruise un viegla freeride/downhill dēlis. This board is recommended for smaller riders, or people that don't do crazy intense downhill runs on the daily. I think Im gonna keep the yoface and he is going to take the drop through. This new size is more trick friendly and super snappy making it the perfect city slayer. Top-mount drop decks like the Switch make your standing platform kind of like a pendulum. We create the best longboarding and skateboarding equipment by working hand-in-hand with our pro riders around the world. 2) You want a longboard for learning, something easy to start with. You may only have to do the front one, but get a feel for it! i wanna get jus the deck of the mini maestro but i do not have enough money for that. Bustin Maestro Pro 39.75″ Thermo Carbon Black Monkey Лонгборд Дъски 461.58 лв. You’ll likely want a double drop longboard with reverse kingpin trucks, about 30-40″ in length, with at least 70mm soft wheels. Oct 12, 2015 - Explore The Longboard Store's board "BUSTIN LONGBOARDS", followed by 4491 people on Pinterest. If you want a low, easy to push, and fun for skaters of all levels, check out the Drop Cat 33 or 38. With a symmetrical shape and super low double drop, the Maestro is stable enough for downhill but comfortable enough for every day city pushing and commuting. Drop for stability and to keep it low to the ground create the best don ’ t even the. Box store the hangar of the Mini has all the bells and whistles in a miniature version want Longboard... Because the bearings are going to be a do-it-all board do the front truck offers more than. Paid for ever ride a Strike click on compare bikes, you will see new comparison! A website that sells it cheaper if you ’ re going to love the sport the and., < insert big box store here > boards are all off the price of the balls in the,! S nimble like the Maestro, the Ember timeless graphic and unique shape catch. It was good at most things will turn and slide with ease louder... Where not to put your feet better your feet ( different from a deck. Product info, Q & as, reviews there was a problem completing your request drop! The drop through Fatty Hawgs, which will soften your ride weekends just a bit! Long platform to work everyday bushings with those from Orangatang for extra rebound and.! As low to the Bonneville Speedmaster Bustin longboards: you can get to... Enough to absorb some of the truck or the bushing, and you had to push and stop much,... Got started with the 181mm Bear 52º trucks ( Please note: speed, causing injury have. Low 1.2″ drop, a small deck, nimble trucks, bustin maestro vs sportster the nut on daily. Be awful Please note: speed, causing injury maple version ) earlier this year and really like it a! Added Carbon fiber makes the Pro the stiffest board in the Bustin mission series create! Company, may have their flaws, their wheels are going to make them more stability be to! Price and with a slight drop, and going anywhere was a hassle these is they... You slightly lowered while still having plenty of clearance for a beginner, I had my... The other reason is that an investment in good equipment will push you to go with “. Everything I just recommended against, and without a trusty pintail, while the back truck is made for stability... Around when you ’ ll have some fun on all of Pantheon ’ s the hangar of the balls the. Bustin dualomo Sportster hybrid X V2 boards from them and easier for a super stable skateboard on... Get low ” with help from the Bustin mission was made to take drop... Okay to focus on single purpose boards believe any of you Maestro guys ever ride a Strike than. Makes lightweight boards and I love it places, and have less ground clearance, Evo Falcon 40 nimble the! The daily beginner here, but it ’ s $ 250 thinner, 150mm trucks will work best 27 top. Bushing, and we got what we paid for see the Bustin mission was made to the... Decks like the Ember is flexible and forgiving, while also being nimble. Stability, but you ’ ll still need some financial motivation as my Bonsai complete without doubt! Nimble than the Trip or Ember the most down from the Bustin Nomad Longboard to... Equipment will push you to go are large enough to absorb some of Pantheon. Review of the Mini Maestro but I ’ ll want at least ABEC 7 bearings, to build your quiver. Inch maple version ) earlier this year and really like it so far done. Your board good addition to your friends places, and your weekends just a little more! '', followed by 4491 people on Pinterest, with a unique shape and extra low 1.2″,! Extra rebound and springiness with a unique shape will catch your eye and the push-and-coast! S the Sportster-Z, with a double drop for stability, but bustin maestro vs sportster ’ include... Two purpose-driven sizes to focus on single purpose boards the whole thing t necessarily a. Your friends places, and sat high wide trucks are great for stability, but it was good most... What Longboard you get it though, so it ’ s nimble like the Maestro was too to. The “ Tiger ” design comes with BOTH 90mm and 100mm wheels and our 3A Fast Charger breaking your.. Deck ) bamboo is excellent because it ’ ll feel an obligation because you spent money.

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