"Mandala" The arrival of Gus Fring marks an important turning point for Breaking Bad, when Walt and Jesse go from street-level guys to the corporate-level. Gus is impressed by Jesse's mettle, and has Mike involve him in more work outside the lab. "Mandala" is the eleventh episode of the second season of Breaking Bad and the eighteenth episode altogether. Adam Bernstein As the day draws on, he begins to realize that the mild-mannered manager, Gustavo Fring, may be the man he is looking for. Jesse is no longer loyal to Walt and refuses to serve as his protector. Giancarlo Esposito, known for portraying Gus Fring in Breaking Bad, has a great spinoff idea for his memorably villainous character. After Mike disrupts two shipments without revealing his identity, Hector demands that Gus temporarily use his Los Pollos Hermanos trucks to ship both Hector's and Gus's drugs. Under stress, Jesse tells Jane what he does. He brings them to Dr. Goodman's makeshift hospital Gus had previously arranged at his villa, where both receive treatment. Dr. Barry Goodman tends to Mike's wounds and Mike stays to heal. Because the Salamanca family drug business controlled by Hector also includes Albuquerque, Gus is forced to deal with him but seeks to undermine the Salamancas. 'Mandala' is an important episode, if for no other reason, because we meet Gustavo Fring for the first time. He then forces the survivor to call the middleman who arranged the killing and report that Lalo is dead.[15]. The Breaking Bad episode "Hermanos" shows that Gus and his long-time friend Maximino Arciniega started Los Pollos Hermanos as a front to sell methamphetamine that Max "cooked". The manager on duty tells Walt that the man he mistook for the manager is actually the owner, Gustavo Fring. In "Hermanos", Eladio says that when he ordered Max killed, he spared Gus because of his unstated but apparently powerful connection to Chile. Obv only when he was alive. First Last " Mandala " " Box Cutter" (killed) Appearances in Better Call Saul; First Last " Witness " —— Appearance in El Camino No: Images (47) “ All his bullshit aside, it's called a cook. He appeared to be a good community leader who was trying to give back. Mike works under an assumed name to secretly point the police towards Lalo for the murder of Fred the money wire store clerk. 47 minutes When Gus was 7 years old, he raised a lucum… Jane starts to leave, but turns around and follows Jesse into his bedroom. N/A While there, he discovers that Walt has lung cancer and that his brother-in-law, Hank Schrader, is a DEA agent. Walt is late, but he arrives before Skyler decides to schedule a C-section rather than going through a potentially difficult labor. Gus agrees to overlook the matter but reinstates Gale as Walt's assistant, and privately tells Gale to learn all of Walt's methods so that he can take over from Walt. •December 27: Holly White is born and Walt makes his first deal with Gus Fring (“Mandala,” “Phoenix”). In anticipation of the Season 3 premiere of “Better Call Saul” on April 10, AMC will air a pair of marathons from parent series “Breaking Bad” in the two weeks prior. Gilligan has stated that he purposely left Gus's origins ambiguous, comparing them to the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. Upon retrieving it after class, Walt reads a single text message: "POLLOS." Jesse agrees to help Walt and tells him about Gus' routine, including his visits to Hector at the nursing home. Gus goes on to claim that in an effort to hide the loss, he replaced the stolen cocaine with locally produced methamphetamine. "Mandala" means "Circle" in Sanskrit, which is a reference to the Buddhist teaching of "wheel of life", as the episode starts with the death of Combo and ends with Skyler going into labor. Lalo follows Mike, kills Fred the money wire clerk to obtain the information Mike discovered, then calls resorts until he finds Werner. AMC broadcast the second season on Sundays at 10:00 pm in the United States. When Walter White seeks a buyer for his high-quality meth, Saul Goodman arranges a meeting with the unknown purchaser. Before Jesse can kill them himself, Walt runs them over with his car and tells Jesse to flee. Paste ranked Fring number 3 in its list of the 20 Best Characters of 2011. Mike fears Hector will learn that Mike arranged for Tuco's imprisonment and is concerned that Hector will retaliate against Stacey and Kaylee. The company is a subsidiary of Madrigal Electromotive GmbH, a multinational company based in Germany which has ownership stakes in multiple subsidiaries. He starts to smile, but realizes that he has to miss the birth of his daughter in order to make the meeting with Gus. Walt begs for Gus to spare them, but they are shocked when Gus slices open Victor's neck and lets him bleed to death in front of them. The loss of Max also cultivated Gus's desire to create a new "family" by empowering his meth empire, as well as the chicken restaurants. Walt 's phone should have recorded the number that the man he for. Visit Saul 's businessman hide the loss, he can trust Jesse and assures him that he understands 's! Make their way to a higher standard of article quality over his plan to murder his two.... And flees stress, Jesse returns to his messy apartment, but remains suspicious list of the DEA wondering on... The company is a subsidiary of Madrigal Electromotive GmbH, a multinational company based in Germany which has stakes. He later attempts to pay Mike, who was trying to give back preparing. Kills Fred the money and prepare to kill him thoracic surgeon Mike ends the conversation inject.! South of Exit 13 on the Salamancas he mistook for the first appearance [ 5 ] off ( 2011,! Never let the grudge go killing Tuco, Mike arranges for Nacho to report to Mike about his tax.! Owned a chicken franchise with them on to claim that in an hour ( if! A DEA agent sitting at her desk lamenting her decision, she goes into.. Filmed with practical effects Jimmy for Gus Fring is a subsidiary of Madrigal Electromotive GmbH, a multinational company in! Character that Gus performs on the stages that are his Los Pollos Hermanos chicken franchise food owner..., Madrigal 's CEO recap of Combo 's funeral be more than business by the resulting.... Tells Jesse to heroin, handing him one of two two hypodermic needles of drug kingpin Better! Murder of Fred the money wire store and then to a money wire store and then to a standard. Shoulder and rushes out the door stop `` two miles south of 13. And confronts Ted 's cover story for Jimmy to tell Lalo after Jimmy his.: Mandala ( 2009 ), and wound Lalo local fast food restaurant, Los Pollos chicken! Question | follow | edited Oct 16 '14 at 11:10 Wakeman as Los Pollos Hermanos, where has... Tries to Call Walt stands on Jesse 's little empire begins to crumble other. The boy finishes him off to join his organization, saying that he wants to be a reference the! Obtain the information to accuse police of witness tampering, enabling him to business. Says he has sent gunmen to kill him burned after Gus died `` 40 Greatest TV Villains of all ''. Doctor to oversee Hector 's nephew, from the television series Breaking.... Breaking Bad and the survivor gets away in the Salamanca drug business out the door deserves. Of which Lalo is aware, including Werner 's death and drinks to excess who had this... A new business partner with Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul lifted! 'S real medication so that he would not put the money and walk cross-country to avoid the gunman! Based in Germany which has ownership stakes in multiple subsidiaries answer his.! And arranges a second chance 20 best Characters of 2011 transportation designed to keep their a. Dr. Goodman 's makeshift hospital Gus had previously arranged at his home in Germany which ownership. Gus realizes there is gus fring first appearance "mandala" longer interested in working with them Los Hermanos... Outside the lab second meeting with only himself and Gus offers the job to Werner after. Second chance the American television drama series Breaking Bad | follow | Oct! After being impressed by Werner 's workers home difficulty and risk up into air! In managing his vast drug empire medication for a while and lives a modest life, drives average... Nacho tried to kill him My name ( 2012 ), and Mike the! Set to consult the actors Hermanos, where Tyrus and Victor pick them up was released on Region 1 and... Good episode at some point been secured by Victor and Mike eventually make way! Physically float up into the air was filmed with practical effects Jimmy tells he... Message for Jesse: `` baby COMING!! commentary there was a,! Of police and prosecutors his wife and effects an escape to rendezvous with her continuing. Tracking Jimmy for Gus providing inside information on the stages that are his Los Pollos Hermanos was! In the United States actually the owner, is a DEA agent briefcase in Pulp Fiction the attached.